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Miriam's Chili Co.

Miriam's Mexican sauce company was established in Cork, Ireland May 2006. When I moved to Ireland, I did not realize how much I would miss my spicy addiction.

The journey began when I made some sweet chili sauce at home using the ingredients available there to sell at the farmers markets. In the beginning, the Irish did not trust this new condiment and soon as people started to talk and agree that this was something special, I even received some awards for it including the Bridgestone Award for best new food product of Ireland.

Now, In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico we make an amazing chili flake mix that includes 6 different Mexican chilies and other secret spices that you can add to any dish to lift it up and make it sing! Some call it Chili Crack. Come and ask for a jar!

We also produce Habanero-Mango hot sauce, Chili Piquin hot sauce and the famous: Chili Caramel sauce. All of our sauces are 100% natural made from scratch and bottled by hand the old fashion way.

The feedback from customers has been so great that we are confident that we are producing a supreme product that is as authentic as the chilies themselves that are purchased by local organic farmers here in Mexico where the chili originated from. The authentic flavor is like no other!