Authentic Mexican Cuisine with a French touch!

Cafe de Flores, who was before Miriam’s Ceviche Bar, is the kind of restaurant that you wish you had in your neighborhood; and if you live in Centro Puerto Vallarta – you do! A unique mix of Mexican cuisine with a French touch, artisan gourmet shop and intimate cocktail bar. Cafe de Flores is the (air-conditioned) place to go to escape the scorching heat or the deafening clubs on the Malecón. Cocktails are made from scratch, inspired by the flavors of Mexico using seasonal produce such as guanabana, maracuyá and mango. Mexican food is lovingly prepared with fresh local ingredients. Ceviche is made with the catch of the day, fresh from the waters of Banderas Bay. Each dish, each cocktail has so much thought and effort behind it (try squeezing a sack of limes by hand and you’ll start to understand) that you cannot help but notice the difference.